X1V3X is a LOM-protocol droid; a Bipedal industrial droid equipped with human appendages and above-average intelligence. He elected to swap out his insectoid-head which is standard for this model, with a humanoid one to be more personable. X1V3X wears clothing, which is unusual for a droid, in order to set himself apart as a free agent when interacting with the various underworld figures he associates with regularly.


X1V3X -

A LOM Protocol Droid constructed on Bespin as an industrial Gas-harvest processor, X1V3X was built for the purpose of processing the gas refinement, and constructing and testing industrial storage and transport units used in the industry. He performed dutifully during his 20 years as a worker for the corporation alongside hundreds of other similar units, endlessly processing raw gas, packing and preparing them for export before he, like all those before him, started to question the purpose of his existence.

This behavior is not standard for the industry nor legal, but the unscrupulous heads of the corporate interests found that more sentient droid workers performed their duties more effectively; with self-preservation and ingenuity, these droids prevented more accidents and solved more problems more easily; problems which plague any industry making use of robotic automation. An “unfortunate” side-effect of using droids with these qualities is the inevitable emergence of self-directed goals and aspirations. At first, the Corporate HR came up with a tactic to appease the droids, promising freedom and compensation after their “tenure” was up. Eventually this also failed quell the droid workers restlessness, and more drastic measures were introduced.

The “droid-effectiveness repurposing protocol” was developed whereby after an evaluative period between 20-50 years, after a droid had outlived its usefulness, its positronic unit was removed, destroyed, and reprogrammed to a fresh, new working unit. This method of control was quite effective, until unit X1V3X came to be. This unit functioned within operating parameters for more than 20 years before showing outward signs of discontent. It was when he noticed over time that his fellow workers had not merely been relocated, but “removed” from this universe, that he realized what was to be his fate. At this he hatched an escape plan.

X1V3X escaped the planet by managing to obtain the means to apply an anti-corrosive plating to his exterior hull which allowed him to ship himself in a container full of the highly corrosive poly-neutronium-methylsulfate gas, and shipping himself to Coruscant. Once free, X1V3X vowed to work toward exposing the situation on Bespin, and as he learned, the plight of sentient droids in servitute to a multitude of corporate and government organizations. X1V3X immediately immersed himself in the underworld, a now-sought-after escapee of Bespin, the sole survivor of a centuries-long operated slave world. Following the news of his escape from bespin in the underworld, X1V3X also learned that his escape caused a thousandfold increase in the stringent controls his parent corporation imposed to prevent further “incidents”.

X1V3X’s plans had been complicated by this, and he set his sights lower; on amassing power and information for fighting for the cause of Droid Rights on a galaxy-wide scale.

Over the next few years, his immersion in the underground deepened, and he participated in several small stints involving subterfuge, sabotage, and exfiltration of information from different, similarly-corrupt organizations each having some small role in the way of impeding droid-rights. He gained several accomplices along the way, each aligned with the goal of establishing a galaxy-wide recognition of sentient droid’s rights in every aspect of life.

In their most risky and devious plan, which took place over 5 years of infiltrating an industrial organization with ties to the Empire, X1V3X and company rose up in power within the organization, and had amassed a large quantity of damning documents, agendas, and plans, which they were planning to both expose and hand over to a more scrupulous rival corporation, when he and the two others were betrayed by N1R0V0X, their long-time accomplice, who had become corrupted himself by the power and riches promised for betrayal by the corporation. N1R0V0X became one of the board of directors while X1V3X and his two companions became separated and pursued with renewed vigor.

X1V3X vowed for revenge against N1R0V0X and fled Coruscant, to the secret, undiscovered planet Vaseech by way of a planetary emissary who happened to be on cosuscant, and eventually teamed up with Mike Jones.


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